“Birthrights fully supports Fawcett’s  #FaceHerFuture campaign. It is vital that women’s human rights in pregnancy, childbirth and broader reproductive rights are protected and strengthened as we prepare to leave the EU. If we unite around what we believe in, there is an opportunity to build a more equal, respectful society at this time of change. We owe it to future generations of women to try.”

Latin American Women’s Rights Service

“LAWRS is delighted to support Face Her Future. We have witnessed an alarming increase in hate crimes/incidents that have affected the migrant women that use our services following the BREXIT vote. Now more then ever, it is crucial that women’s rights are safeguarded, particularly ensuring that the rights of women affected by intersectional discrimination on the grounds of gender, race and immigration status are fully protected.”


“BPAS is proud to support the Fawcett Society’s Face Her Future campaign. It is absolutely vital that we come together to secure progress for women in these difficult times and any attempts to restrict hard-won rights must be resisted. The fight for equality is not over – we must not go backwards.”

Equality Now

“Now is the time for a bold, strong commitment to and realisation of equality and respect for all. Britain has the opportunity to set an example in the achievement of a world where women and girls in all spheres can maximise their growth and potential.”

Women’s Aid CEO, Polly Neate

“Women’s Aid is supporting the #FaceHerFuture campaign to ensure that the voices of survivors of domestic abuse are central to the discussions around the future of the UK in the post-Brexit world.

“All too often women in our society are silenced or ignored in debates about political or economic change, and this is especially true for women who are living with violence and abuse. This important campaign highlights the need to ensure that all women’s experiences and needs are represented at every stage in the Brexit process.”


“We stand in solidarity with women in the UK and globally as we seek the best possible protections for women’s rights in the Brexit process. Beyond the borders of the UK and Europe, EU and UK development aid has provided vital assistance to women’s rights organisations tackling violence and rights violations in the Global South. We call on the UK government to ensure that women’s rights in foreign and development policy are not traded away in Brexit negotiations. As the UK faces a new future, the rights of women across the world must be protected.”

Stella Creasy MP, Labour

“It’s vital we act to prevent British women becoming the second class citizens of a post Brexit Europe. This campaign is about sending a clear message that in any negotiations the basic protections against discrimination so many have relied on must be protected and not watered down, as well as ensuring the fight for equality should be at the top of our national agenda. As discussions begin its clear that we all need to work hard not only to hold this Government to account but also ensure a wide range of women’s voices are heard so that Britain can face the future confident all of us are able to play our part in shaping it.”

Director of Agenda, Katharine Sacks-Jones

“The most excluded and vulnerable women are those who are most reliant on the government and outside bodies to uphold their rights. For the 1.2 million women in England who experience the most extensive abuse as a child and an adult, strategic efforts to end violence against women and girls, and to protect their economic and social rights are essential. These women are also likely to be hit the very hardest by any economic downturn. We’re proud to be part of the #FaceHerFuture campaign, to make sure that the women facing the most difficult lives aren’t forgotten during Brexit negotiations.”

The Diana Award

“The Diana Award is proud to support The Fawcett Society’s #FaceHerFuture campaign. In these uncertain times it is important for us to come together to stand up against all forms of xenophobia, hate crime, and misogyny. As a charity, we believe that young people have the power to change the world, and we have worked with tens of thousands of inspirational young people who have tackled these concerns in their communities. Now more than ever it is vital to continue this work and unite alongside other organisations who share this goal with us”

Angela Rayner MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Education, Women and Equalities

“The lives of working people are now being threatened by Brexit and women, in particular, stand to lose out the most.

“It is more important than ever that women work together to defend what we have gained through our struggles over the years and to promote a positive, progressive agenda as an antidote to the hard-right politics of hate and misogyny which disfigures debate and discussion. That’s why I am 100 per cent behind this campaign.”

Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality Party

“The Women’s Equality Party are delighted to support FaceHerFuture, which supplements our own campaign to ensure women’s interests are properly represented in all Brexit negotiations. We look forward to working together to take the UK into a better, fairer future for all.”